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Bridal Blog-How to Inform your guest where you are registered

April 30, 2014

Invite Ever wonder what the proper etiquette is for informing your guests of where you are registered?

The etiquette of wedding gifts and their registries is one of the most asked about topics I talk about with my brides to be. There is a wonderful balance between unspoken tradition and the need for very explicit, detailed information. On the one hand, wedding invitations are the only kind that carry an unspoken obligation to give a gift, regardless of whether or not a guest can attend. But, there is no mention of gifts €“ not even no gifts, please €“ and never any mention of registry information on a wedding invitation. Information about registries is traditionally spread by word of mouth: The couple lets their close family and friends (usually the wedding party) know where they are registered, so that they can help answer questions from guests. As a guest, it's okay to ask, even of the couple themselves. Personalized wedding websites have also given couples another terrific option. You can post a link or links to your online registries or list your brick-and-mortar ones with contact information right on your site. Since this is a place for guests to come for practical information about the wedding, such as hotels and flights, registry information will fit right into this helpful category. 

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