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Bridal Blog- Advice on Sending Thank You Cards

May 14, 2014

Thankyoucard Ever wonder when to send your Thank You cards?

Here's the lowdown...Promptness counts when it comes to thanking friends and family for their gifts. You may have heard that you have up to a year after your big day to send out your notes, but that is absolutely not true (sorry!). 

Here's a timeline for all your special occasions:

  • Engagement party and shower, within two to three weeks of the festivities;
  • Gifts sent before the wedding date, as soon as possible, but definitely before the wedding;
  • Gifts given on the day itself, within three months;
  • Gifts received after your wedding, within two to three weeks. 

To avoid getting behind, it's best to write your thank-yous as soon as gifts start arriving. Keep a list of what you've received and what notes you've sent.

Get your fiancé involved as well. He can write to his family members and friends. Just don't use e-mail. For a wedding, only handwritten notes are acceptable. Don't drop the ball on this important task. Your friends and family deserve to know that their gifts and thoughtfulness are important to you.

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