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Bridal Blog: Having a buffet with all your new wedding serve-ware?

October 8, 2014

Buffet Buffets rely on proper "order" and common sense:  Make it easy for guests to serve themselves. Serve in a logical fashion. Don't overburden them with too many items. What's a proper and logical "order"? Basically it starts with the dinner plates, which should be stacked at the front end of the table. Next should come the food items. Be sure to have a serving utensil (casserole spoon, fork, tongs) next to each food item. And place a saucer or spoon rest beneath each serving utensil, eliminating the guessing game of whether to leave it in the food, or mess up the tablecloth. If there are sauces or condiments, put them next to the appropriate foods so that people complete each food item before moving on. If possible, leave enough space between food items so that people can put down their plate to serve themselves if necessary. Note: If you're on a budget, put more filling foods like salads, vegetables, etc. to the front end of the buffet. That way, people are less likely to overindulge on the specialty items you might not have in as great quantity. Silverware should be placed along with napkins at the end of the table, so that guests can pick them up easily, rather than juggling while serving themselves. Bundling them together in individual sets can be very helpful. Salt & pepper should also be placed at the end, as well as bread/rolls which are more easily placed on top of other foods. Ideally, drinks should be set up on another table or station. Allow people the opportunity to find a place to settle and then go back for drink items.Enjoy! To schedule an appointment with a bridal registry consultant please contact Tiffany at
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