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Stark White Dishes are for Restaurant Chefs

August 26, 2015

Starkwhite The right white combined with aesthetically-pleasing shapes and stylish linens topped off with breathtaking flowers...I get it. I'm on board. But for all of the couples out there who resist registering for ornate china patterns in favor of banded white basics, I say live a little.

Unless you have the most beautiful concepts in your head of how to make those dishes seem special for formal occasions, branch out and choose something that connects with you, that shares a bit of your personality with your guests. I hear excuses for conservative selections all the time, but the one I hear the most is: food looks better on white. I actually agree. When I go to a restaurant, I eat with my eyes, then with my stomach. But here's my argument: I'm a pretty accomplished cook (note: not chef), and although most of my food tastes decent, its appearance isn't always something to brag about. My idea of food "styling" is a sprinkling of an herb...or if I'm feeling super fancy, wiping my plates free of splatter. My good friend is an honest-to-goodness chef at a popular restaurant, so I'm all in favor of her choice of white dishes. Her dishes are meant to be photographed and oohed-and-ahhed about before savoring every special bite. Mine are meant to fill family tummies while sipping wine, telling the dogs to stop begging and laughing about the funny moments in our days. Both valid...but I won't lose anything if my meals are served on fun and pretty plates. In fact, I will gain, because if I haven't had time to set the most beautiful table of my life, or buy fresh flowers, my china will make up for my scheduling challenges. 

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