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Serveware for the Big Game

January 21, 2015

Football FOOD! Entertaining for the Big Game has become an art form, and now that you are a newly wed and have tons of new serveware, why not put all your stuff to use! Just because you have friends that might be getting rowdy and yelling at the television doesn't mean you can't put on a classy soirée with finger foods galore. I mean, how cute would it be to load up a stunning Beatriz Ball metal platter with wings, or use a funky colored glass cake plate to put some chocolate covered strawberries that look like little footballs on. Get creative with your display! Don't be afraid to use your nice new items to entertain your friends for a casual and fun Sunday evening in. And while we're at it, you're grown up now, so opting for a pilsner glass for the beer is a good idea too. Enjoy and have fun!    Need some help picking out the perfect pieces for entertaining?  Contact Tiffany at
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