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Bridal Blog: Set the Table!

March 2, 2015

Setthetable Last night I found myself in that awkward moment after I texted my husband (who was just upstairs) that dinner was ready. I didn't think twice about hitting the send button when I could have just shouted up the steps that it was time to eat. Is this what the modern family has been reduced to? Are we that technologically advanced that we have become verbal non communicators?  

Growing up, my mother had supper on the table at 6:30 everyday. There were no TV distractions, no iPads or cell phones, just my parents and my two brothers. We talked about the days highlights often kicking each other under the table because it was absolute torture having to wait to be excused so we could go outside to play with the neighborhood kids before dark. Have we really lost that 1/2 hour of family connection over a hot meal to Facebook and Candy Crush? I digress. I often hear my registering brides ask their mothers when they would ever need good dishes. My answer is every day! They might not even have that family dinner moment on their radar yet, but believe me, there will be that moment in the future. That moment, when one day, they will call their children to the table to communicate, to commune, over a meal. Put down your devices my friends! Go back to the basics of our fore mothers and set the table for the future... 

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