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Celebrating Women's History Month

March 10, 2015

Gumuchain Since March is Women's History Month, I wanted to spend some time highlighting some of our talented women jewelry designers.   


Gumuchian lives up to their motto designed by women for women. Owned and operated with meticulous attention to quality by Anita Gumuchian and daughters Myriam and Patricia, this boutique company is proud to do it all, from the selection of brilliant diamonds through their family-run offices in Antwerp, to the actual manufacturing in the heart of New York. These three women design every piece of their sparkling collections with an intuitive feel for what modern women of style crave today. The Gumuchian family has been synonymous with quality diamonds for five generations but these women bring a whole new world of expertise, passion and innovation to the art of jewelry design.  


Each piece created by Temple St. Clair is said to carry the soul of the history of the artisans of Florence.  Florence, Italy is where Temple St. Clair Fine Jewelry was founded in 1986.  She is known for her modern classic style, impeccable use of fine colored gemstones and her distinctive gold work. "The philosophy of the company is to offer the highest quality in fine jewelry while introducing collectors to timeless design, exquisite colored gemstones and gold craftsmanship, for which Temple St. Clair is known.


Embodying the style and spirit of its namesake, the Ivanka Trump Fine Jewelry celebrates women who work in all aspects of their lives. The brand is designed to appeal to the women it represents: a woman who leads boldly and is able to transition naturally between her many roles, both professionally and personally. She leads a full life, lived to the fullest and that's exactly how she likes it.When designing her collections, Ivanka's creative philosophy is to reinvent the best classics of the past century, while infusing a modern twist. The collections are inspired by the styles of the Déco Era of the 1920's €“ 1950's, the divas of old Hollywood, architecture and travel, and feminine influence.Ivanka's mission statement expresses a strong belief in paying homage to the past, while embracing the future. She believes in inspiring elegance in a new generation. And she wants her collections to offer a fresh new approach to tradition while creating luxury that is exciting, accessible and timeless.    


Monica Rich Kosann brings the same unique approach to her work as a fine art portrait photographer, jeweler and home accessory designer. Her ultimate goal is always to integrate her clients' most cherished memories and possessions into their daily lives and to tell their unique personal stories in an original and customized way. Monica began scouring antique shows and flea markets years ago for vintage lockets, cigarette cases, and powder compacts that could be adapted to hold family photographs. As demand for these unique pieces grew, she developed her own collection of jewelry and home accessories. 


EnA Fine Jewelry believes there aren't enough female CEO's.  That if you feel good about how you look, you are more likely to perform at your best. That self-confidence and poise is half the battle. That smart, accomplished women are the best role models. EnA Fine Jewelry is designed in Philadelphia as singular jewelry for accomplished women.They are inspired by these women and their accomplishments and take pride in the fact that EnA fine jewelry enhances the beauty and self-confidence that is within them.      




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