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Same Sex Wedding Registries

May 13, 2015

Samesex Things have changed. That in itself is a BOLD statement. Sometimes change is brutal, but here in 2015 some changes are loooong overdue. We have entered the new realm of wedding registries, and here at Radcliffe we embrace this change full on with happy hearts. The modern age of two people coming together as one heart is as fundamental as the air we breathe and I am fully on board this love train. Same sex marriage is becoming a common place occurrence and, gratefully, so are same-sex wedding registries. So what does this mean? Nothing. Except for the fact that, perhaps, being able to legally and openly pronounce your bliss in front of your friends and family.

So now is the time to go for it! Hit those registry stores with fervor and joy! Just like any registry you have choices to make. What kind of china and crystal are we going to get? Have I mentioned the impeccable taste gay couples have? Oh my! While Hermes, Versace, and Baccarat are always popular choices, I propose that just like any daily choices you encounter, make the ones that work best for you.

There really is no difference between a same sex or straight couple. So why is this post so important? Because I want you know that you can be as open and free and true to yourself with your entertaining choices as you are with your heart. Go ahead...we are here for you with open arms.  You have now entered the judgment free zone of personal service.  

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