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Wedding Registries & Pinterest

December 23, 2016

Did you know that you can create a wedding registry right on Pinterest? Neither did I until recently when I was creating  a new board for registry ideas and I noticed a link to MyRegistry. 


Whaaatttt!?! Needless to say I did a little research. After all, my job is to keep up with what's trending with the wedding  registrants I work with and to simplify the process as much as possible. When it comes to making your wedding registry, most people don't have just one. They have many. You may have three, four, maybe even five stores to cover all of your needs. Electronics, home decor, linens, fine china...


The old trend was to create your wedding website and include all the different links to each different store. The new trend is to create a universal wedding website and, using the Pinterest import tool, sharing all your favorite pins with your guests along with a link that takes you directly to the company's website for purchase. Boom! Easy breezy!  One universal registry for all your needs and created on Pinterest by saving your wishlist items onto your board. Radcliffe is on Pinterest, and on our website each item gives you the option to pin to your board. Don't worry, we still offer full service in the store. But if you are an online kind person, or still saving ideas onto your board to revisit, this is super cool. 


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