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What You Want VS What You Need

November 15, 2016

If you really need it, add it to the registry.

If you really want it add it to the registry. 


Keep in mind the less you need and the less you ask for the more likely you'll get what you want. I call it "registry funneling"  How smart is that! (In other words don't go nuts with the scan gun.) Creating your registry can be the golden opportunity to open a discussion of what you both want VS what you need.


It's almost 2017 and today's couples are waiting longer to get married, and are statistically older when they decide to tie the knot. Individuals are usually already established with the basics of maintaining a kitchen and entertaining. They already have everyday dishes and a chip bowl for game night with friends.  So what happens when you decide to merge to lives together and become one? It means that you get this one beautiful opportunity to upgrade and expand! It means that you might want to choose things that represent you as a couple and not as an eternal bachelor or bachelorette mixing your hodge podge of stuff in your over crowded cabinets. Woohoo a fresh start! Remember to be smart about your choices. Some of it can stay, but the rest has to go, and now is the time to it. 

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