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Meet Radcliffe Couple: Laura + Ben

July 24, 2019

Where did you meet?

Ben and I met on Bumble!  Our love story started with a simple “Happy Monday!”  Later that week we met for the first time at our favorite bar in Canton, Portside.


Laura %26 Ben 4


Please describe the proposal.

The proposal was a Catonsville fairytale!  My absolute favorite day of the year is the 4th of July, also known as Christmas in Catonsville.  The morning of the 4th I woke up saying, “This is the best day ever!” But little did I know I was about to be asked a very important question.  The plan for the day was to have our friends over for a little get together before heading over to the parade route.  It was a very casual get together that consisted of taking group pictures.  After the usual girls picture, my friend said, “Ben and Laura it’s your turn.”  After I told Ben he had to move because he was “on my good side,” I turned around and found him down on one knee!  I was so surprised and it could not have been anymore perfect!


What was the first thing you did after you got engaged?

Ben had planned to have our families arrive immediately following the proposal.  We popped champagne and then went to my brother and sister-in-law’s house to watch the parade and celebrate more with our families and friends.


Laura %26 Ben 2


Have you picked a date? Venue? Theme? / Tell us about your big day! Venue? Theme?

We have a tentative date in mind.  The ceremony will be held at St. Joseph Monastery and the reception will hopefully be at The Belvedere in Baltimore.  The plan is to have the wedding in December 2020 with an elegant, classic winter theme surrounded by all our family and friends.


What is something you and your fiancé/husband like to do together?

We love to try out new restaurants.  We also love vacationing to the beach whether it’s the beaches of Ocean City, Duck or Mexico! 


Laura %26 Ben 3


Will you be taking a honeymoon? If so, where and why did you pick that destination?

Ben and I would love to visit Hawaii for our honeymoon.  In addition to our love of beaches, we would love to visit Pearl Harbor.


What is a fun fact about you as a couple?

On our very first date a group of Ben’s best friends crashed and all gave him a pat on the shoulder.  They proceeded to join us at the bar—so I guess I have them to thank!


Laura %26 Ben 1

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