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Meet Radcliffe Couple: Thy + Alex

May 22, 2019

Where did you meet?

We met on Tinder and had our first date at Loch Bar in Baltimore. It was an instant connection.


Please describe the proposal.

Thy- He proposed at home while we were with our dogs.

Alex- It was an heirloom diamond, so Thy knew the proposal was coming for months while we shopped for bands and settings together. After we ordered the rings, Alex picked them up in secret and proposed at home, with the dogs as witnesses, because he couldn’t wait any longer.


What was the first thing you did after you got engaged?

We called our families and visited my grandmother, mom, and aunt to let them know the good news. It was the same day as our friend’s baby’s 1st birthday so we were able to share the news with everyone in person.


Have you picked a date? Venue? Theme?

We hope to get married in May 2020, but nothing else is planned yet.

What is something you and your fiancé like to do together?

We love traveling, cooking, going to concerts/movies, and hiking with our dogs.


Will you be taking a honeymoon? If so, where and why did you pick that destination?

We’re thinking of doing a Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia tour; or somewhere in Europe.


What is a fun fact about you as a couple?

Our second date was at a haunted house, we love watching scary movies and going to haunted houses.

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