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Anna Weatherley Special Edition Large Sparrow Lamp

Stock # DVC-2004IL

Anna Weatherley Special Edition Large Sparrow Lamp

Anna Weatherley Special Edition Large Sparrow Lamp

Stock # DVC-2004IL

Special Edition of Hand Painted Porcelain Lamps

This is the first collection of the Anna Weatherley's series of lamps created in her studio in Budapest, Hungary. The painting of the designs are very detailed, every brushstroke is highly visible on the white porcelain background.

Base Only Height: 23"

Base to Finial Height: 33"

Shade: 9" x 18" x 13.5"

*Picture to follow with shade*

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Product Details

Name Special Edition Large Sparrow Lamp
Stock Number DVC-2004IL
Department Giftware
Type Decorating & Accessories
Sub Type Decor, Home Accessories
Collection Lamps
Category Bridge Catalog
Other DepartmentsHome Accessories,Decor

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Radcliffe Jewelers Anna Weatherley
Anna Weatherley

As an international designer, Anna Weatherley's career has included designing and manufacturing couture fashion, jewelry, home furnishings and printed textiles. In the early 1990's she established a studio in Budapest, Hungary where she trained a group of highly talented painters to create her collection of hand-painted porcelain. Only the best painters are capable of mixing the colors and painting the delicate details of her designs. Each piece of Anna Weatherley's design is not merely a pretty painted object, but also a work of art. Although her painters are trained in the traditional style, Anna Weatherley's designs are not classical porcelain patterns. Her designs are inspired by the early botanical illustrators and flower painters of the 18th Century Europe such as Redoute, Hooker and Ehret. The colors are carefully applied on the porcelain with fine brushes in many shades and fired several times at the high temperatures. This time-consuming and meticulous process in the hands of master porcelain painters produces the most detailed and sumptuous rendering of nature's treasures. Flowers, fruits, butterflies and delightful bugs are given new life on the lustrous surface of fine white porcelain. The flowers and fruits are painted mostly by men ...