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Orbita Watch Winders InSafe 6 Open Front

Stock # W21600

Orbita  Watch Winders InSafe 6 Open Front

Orbita Watch Winders InSafe 6 Open Front

Stock # W21600

More than four? The Sparta 6 Insafe winder is the perfect choice. This unit is easily moved about, but it can also be built into a wall or closet. The pedestal base is removable. It is sized to fit exactly between conventional wall studs on 16” centers. Two master switches are provided, each controlling three winding heads. In addition, each winding head is individually powered with its own on/off switch and operating mode switch.

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Name InSafe 6 Open Front
Stock Number W21600
Department Timepieces
Type Watch Winder

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Radcliffe Jewelers Orbita  Watch Winders
Orbita  Watch Winders

First, we endeavored to learn everything there is to learn about mechanical watches. Then we searched for the gentlest way to wind them. Since our company’s inception in 1996, we have always placed our trust in proprietary developments. Of course we did not invent the mechanical “exercising” of watches – but we did introduce a new, unprecedented level of quality. We created leading edge winding technology based on fresh ideas, innovative systems and superior drives, gears and control components, each perfectly designed and fine-tuned for the precise needs of each and every watch movement produced today. Our Philosophy? We aim at creating products of value; products people will enjoy owning because they work perfectly; products where the detail that went into fabrication is apparent to everyone who uses them. Consequently, we select only the finest, timeless materials for our exclusive product lines: handcrafted and detailed marquetry, the best leather, sophisticated multi-layer lacquering and modern carbon fibers. However, it was the confidence of timepiece collectors and manufacturers that made us who we are today; the world’s leading producer and provider of premium watch winders.

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