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Riedel "O" Cabernet/Merlot Glass

Stock # STEM01278

Riedel "O" Cabernet/Merlot Glass

Riedel "O" Cabernet/Merlot Glass

Stock # STEM01278

From the Riedel "O" collection. 3 1/8" H. Crystal. Dishwasher safe.

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Name "O" Cabernet/Merlot Glass
Stock Number STEM01278
Department Giftware
Type Barware
Categories Catalog, All, Registry

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Tradition and innovation—the Riedel Company can proudly look back on its 250-year success story. From its beginnings in northern Bohemia down to this day, for 11 generations, Riedel Glass has stood for the high art of glassmaking. In 1673, when Johann Christoph Riedel was born in the Bohemian town of Neuschol, no one could have guessed that this was also the birth of one of the greatest glass enterprises in the world. The Bohemian glass merchant was the starting point for a direct line through several generations down to today’s corporate head Georg J. Riedel and his son Maximillian. Each Riedel in this long chain has been able to contribute his personal skills and views to expand the company’s success and make it what it is today.

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