Since its establishment in Italy in 1984, contemporary jeweler VHERNIER has stood out through its sophisticated creations and relentless search for excellence. The tradition of the designers at VHERNIER, who meticulously sculpt each item of jewelry by hand, is combined with a breath of modern art, making each piece unique, understated and exquisite, whilst always offering incomparable modernity and elegance. The materials used - precious gemstones, ebony, jet or pink gold - and audacious volumes, perfectly combine to portray a wonderfully sensual feeling to the touch, as well as an avant-garde spirit. An unparalleled passion and expertise in gemstones allows VHERNIER to offer stones of great beauty, whilst the design, so extremely pure, unveils the very essence of the jewelry. The stones are expertly worked in various combinations; mother-of-pearl and rock crystal, complex two-point diamonds, or a harmonious blend of ebony and diamonds, all of which embody the exclusive signature style of VHERNIER. Only the most beautiful and pure materials will suffice. Rings are designed as sculptures in their own right, with statement silhouettes, contrasts between volume and visual subtlety. Instead of constantly searching to add more, VHERNIER believes in stripping back to reveal a profoundly noble natural design. Year after year, VHERNIER reaffirms - always with the same stringency, coherence, original personality and resolute modernity - a renewed spirit.