Arzano jewelry has enjoyed an accomplished reputation for intricate craftsmanship, luxuriant designs, and the highest quality standards for more than four decades.  From a pearl trading company in 1952, the Zaveri family developed the business, under the Aarzee Group umbrella into a high-quality manufacturer of gold, pearl, and later, fine diamond jewelry. The preferred supplier of magnificent jewels to the royal families of the Middle East, the Dubai-based brand manages every aspect of creating its regal tiaras, majestic necklaces, elegant earrings, and statement rings—from conception and design to production and quality control. The brand’s international design team collaborates with visionary craftsmen and jewelry consultants from Italy, France, and Germany, keeping abreast of the latest trends in fashion, design, manufacturing, and technology.  From handcrafted bridal jewelry to glamorous diamond sets and stunning red-carpet jewels, Arzano enchants every woman with the finest collections to celebrate the very special moments in life.