Plevé (ple-vay) is an Artistic Statement that captivates the imagination. A concept that bends the rules to create new diamond luxury. It all begins with an empty canvas in anticipation of an artist's hand. A world in which that artist can craft a beautiful mosaic without any restrictions. Invented by master designer, Ron Rizzo, Plevé is a revolutionary patented technique that is best described as a free form, creative use of all possible shapes, sizes and colors of diamonds in a kaleidoscopic harmony that only an artist would envision. The artisans who assemble Plevé jewelry are not your typical stone setters. Rather, they are graduates of art schools who have been recruited to bring a non-traditional range of expertise to the table. There are accomplished illustrators, sculptors, and ceramists on the team, as well as jewelry design graduates, who contribute their own esthetic sensibility to each handcrafted piece. Every detail matters & every Plevé piece truly is an original work of art, sculpted by hand and one-of-a-kind.