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In the ten years since Tanya Farah has launched her collection, her feminine, easily wearable, and exquisitely detailed designs have struck a responsive chord among retailers and customers alike. Farah understands the need for simplicity and elegance. “Women want jewelry with designs that are understated, creative, unique, and manage to express their individuality. They also want jewelry that accentuates their beauty and yet works on all levels of their hectic lives.” Farah started designing after beginning her career in a completely different field. She earned a Ph.D. in Organizational Psychology when she was twenty-six and began consulting for Fortune 500 companies. After a few years in the corporate world, Farah took her first steps of a new journey in jewelry making by taking design classes followed by a private apprenticeship with a well-known designer in New York City. She continued developing her signature style before launching Tanya Farah fine jewelry collection. Tanya Farah’s continental heritage can be seen throughout her collection in various influences such as ancient architectural motifs and ornate tapestries that she translates with her own contemporary edge. Textural interest and finishes, play a major role in the line, giving it a unique character. All the pieces are designed exclusively in gold with precious gemstones and white and colored diamonds. “With each collection I design there is always a story I want to tell,” says Farah. “But I also want my pieces to become part of my clients’ own stories, jewelry with longevity, treasured gifts in families that are passed down from one generation of women to the next.”

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