At Willow, we design and create diamond jewelry by women for women and today’s active lifestyle. Our signature designs made with 18K gold, platinum and diamonds are fluid and feminine liberating the diamond from traditional heavy metal mountings. Hence, our motto, “If You Love Diamonds, … Set Them Free!”®   Willow Diamonds introduces a new modern design perspective to fashion diamond jewelry. Our jewelry is uniquely innovative in taking high quality diamonds and laser-drilling them so the natural fire and beauty of the diamond is released. Without traditional metal mountings, the diamond is uniquely set free to move and pivot in the light. Our jewelry therefore has a natural fluid style that is dynamic, lighter and more modern than heavier more traditional jewelry.     Owner and designer, Jacquie Earle, believes that as fashion and styles come and go, the same holds true for jewelry. The difference is with fine jewelry. It is tangible, real and always holds a value that typically exceeds a materials value, because jewelry is a deeply personal and emotional product with many stories to tell.   In contrast to other jewelry lines, Willow Diamonds is limber because all production is local in New York. Therefore, turn time and delivery is quick. And Willow’s customization option easily ranges from the more affordable triple-digit price points using smaller diamonds … to the if-you-have-to-ask-you-can’t-afford more expensive tiers. It’s about customer satisfaction. And Willow’s customers range across age and income spectrums. Some pieces are simple and dainty … others more complex with more and bigger diamonds.